Origin of the website:

I am an early adopter of new technologies, happy to take the risk to buy new products which no one has yet seen or tested !!!

It could happen that the  products advertised on the web are just “marketing”.

I bought some products three years ago and I am still waiting for them.

I had in May 2014 a bad motorbike accident, realising that life and family are precious.

 In the meantime, this period of disability provided more times to see what was happening in the world and any new technologies, especially around the sport.

Sometimes, products didn’t see the light of the day… some are already famous and some others will be famous soon.

This website is helping people to see and test the new products live and in Australia (Sydney), products I have selected and of course they are all working as expected.

The main criterias of my testings are quality of the products, features and easy use.

After my personal validation, I am engaging the vendors to be one of your first local contact in Australia and get you discount from the RRP prices.

The conditions are specified for each product.

Many people were afraid to buy online from overseas shops: not a problem. You have now a shop online with local stock. I hope it will help to bring these products in used in Australia.

My goal is to share, not making profit.

The blog section is to share my feedbacks and my testings.

My first post is reserved for the Bionic Runner: stay tuned, it will arrive beginning of May 2015.


- Bionic Runner: running with no impact.

- Triathlon seat post: use your road bike with a new seat post and use the position of road or time trial (switch on the road).

- Running Smart socks: improve speed, pace, cadence, foot landing and compare your shoes — all with a sock!  Learn how to run so you can avoid injury-prone running styles.

- Running Smart hat with heart rate.

CTRL eyewear, smart LCD sunglasses, the fastest Changing eyewear!

The CTRL ONE series consists of lenses with the globally awarded e-Tint Technology. No other sunglasses adapt to changing light conditions 

Ordered and cancelled:

- Swimmo: First ever smartwatch designed specifically for swimming. They didn’t deliver what they promised during their campaign.

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