Tri seat post

Product summary: Keep your road bike and get the benefits of the Time Trial position.

For who: this product will be mostly for

                       - anyone who want to do a triathlon (whatever the distance);

                       - any bike rider after performance improvements.

My personal ratings:  


Product eligible to discount: yes.

Where to buy (local stock for this product):

Why I chose the product:

I want to do a triathlon but couldn’t afford another bike. I did some research and found this excellent product.

The quality is present, and you can choose 2 different finitions in our handbars.

You can choose the best setup for every part of every ride.

The Switch Aero System allows you to switch back and forth on-the-fly between a road position and an aero position. The system is perfect for cyclists, triathletes, or anyone looking for a comfortable and aerodynamic alternate riding position.


Easy setup:

Full review here by a triathlete, very famous for his testings of Garmin watches:

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