Swim 24 hours challenge - MS

My inspiration come from an article from a colleague in my intranet: he is explaining his life and how he is managing MS on a daily basis.


The challenge will be intense for me as I had last May a bad motorbike accident, realising how life and family are precious.


Last November, I had a knee reconstruction (PCL) which will keep me away from normal activities for one year (especially running).

But I can swim and ride... so I am really committed to help my colleague Michael and MS: swim at least five meters per $1 donated.

I will use principally my upper body to not damage my knee (still swollen).


My disability is only temporary, so please push me and donate for the research of MS.


Thank you ! 

Bionnic Runner

TEST coming soon: expected ETA to receive the bionic runner, beginning of May 2015.

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