Bionic runner feedback

Feedback: WOW !!! This is really running sensation. 

I have been riding bike for couple of months but never got this sensation. I Bran and at the end, yes, this was hurting, burning... and smiling !!!

Like a kid, I could use all my running gears which I haven't used for so long !! Happy I was.

I also felt safe (my girls ride with me and my higher position was very useful to look at what was happening around).

 There was a lot of pressure on my wrists, especially on hill and when I Bran faster. I ordered the Ergon to have a more natural position. 

Update October 2015: I am not using the Ergon as much. It took me two rides to be more relax and have a better position. There is no pressure on my wrists anymore.

Also, this is not easy to start/stop/look at the GPS watch as you need to stop running (stand on the BR) or stop the BR to do so safety. "Silly" thing is, even if to say hello (just arm up), you can't as you would do it easily on a bike - ah ah ah 

Update October 2015: I changed the handlebar, which is shorter now. The comfort has been improved and the stability as well: I can handle the Bionic Runner with one hand with no issue.

The bar is too low for me but I know it will be corrected in version 2. I am a bit hunchback and the actual position doesn't help me to stand straight.

Update October 2015: I changed the handlebar for $10 and now this is just perfect.

I felt sometimes "cheating" as I could rest by just standing on the BR. When you run, you can't... but nothing here that can be improved as BR has wheels.

Also sometimes, I didn't know what cadence should I have... a data I haven't figured out on my bike either.... Running for me is just natural.

One important aspect was: I had fun; easy to ride, to turn... I just need to measure the turning angle we have and I think I was closed to touch in one corner as my left foot was low position to turn left (yes I know, I should have anticipated but...). 
This is also different than anything else, and yes I like to be different !!

The brakes are also very efficient as I needed to stop urgently when a car didn't see me on the footpath.

That's it really: thank you for your time reading my feedback and let's go for another Brun 

Congratulations Run4 team: your product is at the same level of your customer service, just outstanding. Well done !! 

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