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A press article went out last week in the official Facebook page of RUN4, the bionic Runner inventor:

"This weeks story is on Glen Lebeau. Glen is a lifelong runner. He is addicted to running. But what would you do if you were Glen and in a heart beat it's all taken away? Here's Glen's story.

“Athletics was part of my education,” says Glen Lebeau, 37, who grew up in France. “There was training every Wednesday, with a chance to discover all the events, including pole vault.”
But the event Glen loved most was running, which became his passion for the next three decades.“I loved the cross country season, in winter in France,” he says.And he competed hard, at the national level in the 800 meter run, until he was 18. He was hardly ever injured, but once, at 17, when he pulled a hamstring during the 400 meter hurdles, he finished the race on one leg!

Although his studies kept him from further competition at that level, his passion for running never left him. “Running is just part of me,” Glen explains. “If I have issues, I go for a run and I always come back with solutions and ideas. Running is freedom for me: you have a good sensation, you run fast; you struggle, you slow down. You choose your own pace.”A challenge with yourself’

After leaving behind the competitive racing world, Glen found new ways to love running as he competed with himself.“Running is a challenge with yourself – this is you against the time, not you against anyone else,” he says. Glen’s toughest competition with himself was France’s elite-level Santélyon race, when he ran 68 kilometers in wintertime, taking eight hours and 40 minutes to finish.

But running has also brought him plenty of delight. He fondly remembers a run in Miami Beach on a hot day where the weather came to his rescue.“There was a mini-storm,” he says. “The temperature was very high, but the natural showers made my run beautiful and easy. I loved it!”

After moving from France to Sydney, Australia, Glen found that he lived close to the city’s Olympic Park – so close he didn’t need to drive there.“I just take my shoes and go,” he says.

Three knee surgeries later
But Glen truly learned how much he loved running when it was taken away from him. A motorcycle accident tore the ligaments in his right knee and also injured his ankle, stopping him from running at all.“My motorbike accident is the first major injury I am facing,” he says. His posterior cruciate ligament was completely broken, and the anterior and medial cruciate ligaments were also damaged. Three surgeries haven’t completely fixed the trouble.

“Since I’ve been in Australia, five years now, the weather and lifestyle have always encouraged and pushed me to play outdoor sports. Of course, this includes running,” Glen says. “I used to run 19 kilometers to work once a week before my accident in 2014, but I haven’t run since then due to my injured knee.”

Bionic Runner to the rescue
Frustrated by the loss of running in his life, Glen sought an alternative. Fortunately, he found a good one. After seeing an ad in a running magazine, Glen contacted the Bionic Runner’s inventor, Steve Cranitch, directly. “I was the third person in the world to purchase the Bionic Runner in a Kickstarter project,” Glen says. The Bionic Runner is the only product available that lets him run with no impact at all, says Glen.

Even though he can’t yet run while recovering from his most recent knee operation, Glen has recaptured what he fondly calls the “running sensation” because of the “amazing product” he’s found.
And although he hasn’t yet been able to combine Bionic Running training with regular running to see how well they supplement each other, he has first-hand evidence that they pair perfectly.
“My wife is using it and she keeps saying it’s harder than running and she loves it!” Glen says.“The Bionic Runner is the only way to get this running sensation back with no impact to my knee,” Glen says. “You feel the passion the owner put in it when he designed it.”


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