Who am I ?


I am a French guy, fan of any sport and innovation.

I arrived in Australia 8 years ago.

The environnement here in Syndey is amazing to breath my passion of sport.

I used to practice several sports, especially running and bike riding.

However, I had a bad motorbike accident in May 2014, realising that life and family are precious.

Before the surgery post accident in November 2014 (I would say the first one of the surgery series…4 in total), after few drinks, I commited to do an Ironman… too long I was talking about triathlon … You know, sometimes, when you talk too much about something, this is time to take action or you will live with regrets and “if” for the rest of your life.

I did one sprint triathlon in France (ocean swim) after learning how to swim (I couldn’t swim more than 10 meters as I didn’t know how to breathe in the water - took me 4 months to learn).

So I wrote on my facebook page: I will be Ironman.

It will cost me time and effort but I know I will do it.

Last update: due to recent complications in my knee (I had 4 surgeries to date), the IronMan will be only possible later in my life. But yeah, of course, I will do one !!! I won’t give up.

Here is an article about me published in RUN4, the inventor of the Bionic Runner:


My past challenges:

- Saintelyon: 68 kms run trail between Saint-Etienne to Lyon (FR), depart at midnight, winter time - very cold (http://www.saintelyon.com/en/).

- Sprint Triahtlon in La Rochelle (FR)

- Tough mudder (Sydney)

- Swim 24 in Sydney (2015): 7.2 kms during night shift.

My future challenges:

- Ironman (when is the only question)

Test coming soon:

- Smart socks: improve speed, pace, cadence, foot landing and compare your shoes — all with a sock!  Learn how to run so you can avoid injury-prone running styles.

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