Bionic Runner

Product summary: Running with no impact.

For who: this product doesn’t have any limits of use; the main uses would be:

                       - injured runners, 

                       - over weight people,

                       - runners to increase their mileage without increase the risk of injury,

                       - improve running technics,

                       - running differently and having fun.

My personal ratings:  


Product eligible to discount: yes (further details coming).

NEW: Product available for testing  in Sydney Area. Do not hesitate to ask.

Product available for renting: More info here.

Last feedback can be found in the blog section.

Why I chose the product: Running is my life (doing athetlics since the age of 6).

However, when a car didn’t see on my motorbike and hited me on May 2014, my life changed.

October 2015: after 3 surgeries (with another one coming soon), I haven’t got yet the chance to run since the accident… what a frustration !!!

When I saw the bionic runner advertised, I contacted the owners mid 2014. I am following them since then… I was number 3 in the world of their fund raising project in Kickstart in 2014.

From a rehabilition point of view, I will be able to run again in…. August/September 2016… it will be 24 months with no running… how this is possible (runners will understand).

However, I showed the product brochure and its benefits to my knee surgeon and his reaction was: “Amazing. Where did you find this ? Yes you can (when I am allowed to ride a bike). There is no impact”….

Running with no impact… 

Stay tune as I will organise demo day around Sydney Olympic Park, Kogarah and Sydney CBD.

Having a test run with me will unlock a promo code which will allow you to have a discount  price on your future purchase.

Running is not symmetric in its timing.  When we run we spend more time in the air than we do on the ground.  

Any elliptical prototype failed this timing test because it had 50:50 symmetrical timing – neither running nor walking.  The Bionic runner has 60:40 asymmetric timing, just like running is supposed to.

Here is the movement allowed by the bionic Runner, running with no impact, how awesome it is:

A video showing the bionic runner live:

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