The Ultimate Training Advantage !

Training with a Bionic Runner® gives you a biomechanical advantage over just running. For the first time, you can split running fitness training from running form training. This opens up entirely new training possibilities that have never been available before. The advantage of training with a Bionic Runner comes from its non-impact closed kinetic chain, which guides your feet along the footpath of a mid-foot running gait — the running style common amongst trained endurance runners. It eliminates impact fatigue and prevents joint over extension, the two most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle related strain injuries. By training with the Bionic Runner you can push yourself harder than you normally would running.

You’ll increase fitness, strength and endurance, so when you do run, you can focus on improving your stride efficiency and running economy.


- if you prepare a long distance race;

- or unfortunately, you have been injured and need to keep running with no impact;

- try before buying it ($100 discount will apply on your purchase).

Promotion: over 3 weeks of rental, the weekly price will drop at $30 per week.

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Weekly rental for Bionic Runner

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